Over the past eight years of playing music together, we’ve grown up through angsty teenage years into angstier adulthood, with only our music to reflect our hurdles and triumphs. On the days where the world seemed to be raging on indifferently or responsibilities came banging at our doors, we took solace amongst the singing, sweating people in front of us on a Friday night with that 10ft by 6ft space beneath our feet becoming our sanctuary.

In 2017 we independently released ‘Taking Chances’ with a sold out launch show at Mr Kyps and embarked on our first self-booked UK tour. After signing with booking agency Midnight Mango in 2018 we’ve had three extensive UK headline tours as well as supports on the tours of a plethora of inspirational artists. Our second album ‘Comedies and Tragedies’ was released on March 13th 2020 with another sold out show at The Old Firestation in Bournemouth, however, the promotional UK tour was halted as soon as the pandemic hit.If our first album, ‘Taking Chances’, is a post-university tale of early twenties life; refusing to conform and rebelling against anything that stands in the way of a good time, then consider ‘Comedies and Tragedies’ to be a reality check sequel; rife with confusion, uncertainty and the struggles of self-identity.

When creating music over the years, it has become integral for us to acknowledge not only a balance between guts and contemplation, but a harmony of punchy pop-punk guitar and hard-hitting drums with the complex but determined layers of banjo, mandolin and tin whistle intertwined. With this we strive to pay homage to our appreciation of folk music and the significance of punk throughout our upbringings.

In both 2016 and 2018, we won our place on Fireball’s ‘Fuelling the Fire Tour’ supporting Less Than Jake, Flogging Molly, The Bronx, The Skints and Face to Face. We then subsequently had an endorsement from Fireball UK in 2019 and featured in Kerrang!’s online coverage of the tour. We also appeared on BBC radio Solent with our single ‘Rise and Fall’ on March 10th 2018.



Formed in 2009, Bohemian Betyars is a fiddler band with a purpose to spread the feeling of bitter revelry (an oh so Hungarian specialty) the farthest possible. The Budapest-based world music band incorporates a hilarious number of genres into its sound: speed-folk freak-punk spiced up with Hungarian, Balkanic and Gipsy elements.
From the USA to Spain, China to Japan, in the last couple of years this real power boost band made the audience dance about a thousand times. Be it on the street, at a club or a festival, the catchy tunes of Bohemian Betyars will yank you out of the mundane weekdays and throw you into the deep waters of delirium, just as it was planned to happen.





KNARS makes an intoxicating mix of breakbeat, postpunk and drumandbass. They are known for their raw style and big energy. Their overwhelming, raw electronic craziness means an all-demolishing moshpit. ‘Come to the madhouse before the madhouse gets you’

KNARS has been destroying festivals and venues in their homecountry (NL), gaining praising reviews. They gained international traction aswell, touring in Hungary, Belgium, Czech and France and getting picked up by American, Russian and English music blogs. In 2019 they made their single “Push it To the Limit” into the Borderlands 3 gametrailer soundtrack. Comparisons are quickly drawn between to The Prodigy, Pendulum and Die Antwoord, but above all KNARS has its own annihilating sound.

While COVID hit, KNARS hasn’t been sleeping. Loads of new songs with more message and mayhem than before, are waiting in their vault. Music has to be about something, not just entertainment. The new KNARS is signified by more upfront, angry Grime raps, heavyer BASS sounddesign and shaking 808’s.




Die neue Band vom Ex- KIEMSA Sänger Martin. Mehr Infos folgen!



We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “Why should I care about the Urban Voodoo Machine? They’ve been around for ages, haven’t they? Aren’t they a novelty band who wears funny make-up? Don’t they sometimes play jazz? Aren’t half of them dead or something?”

So bear with us, sunshine, cos you clearly need educating.

The story starts with Paul-Ronney Angel, a man with a double-barrelled first name. I could be a wanker about this and say the story starts with Bon Scott-era AC/DC – with Tom Waits, or the Clash, Louis Armstrong, the Pogues, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Johnny Cash, Lionel Bart or Bertolt Brecht – but let’s stick with Paul-Ronney, it’s quicker.

Paul-Ronney Angel ate his parents and fled the fjords of Norway with just a bottle of moonshine and several slices of decomposing fish in his back pocket. (Before he left they tried him in the Norwegian Army – he lasted a total of five hours.)

After that, Angel washed up in London during the dying breaths of Thatcherism and took advantage of all that swinging London had to offer: he sold The Big Issue, busked Johnny Thunders & Robert Johnson numbers in Soho bus stops and played guitar for anyone who’d have him.

The Urban Voodoo Machine came to him in 2002 as a fully-formed idea. He’d lead a band who’d play ‘Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll’. They’d dress in black and red. There would be a LOT of them. And their music would sound like a great night out in a dangerous part of town. From the get-go, The UVM fused junkyard blues and stinging rockabilly with mariachi horns, fiddles, sinister cabaret and punk rock tangos. “I wanted to play rock’n’roll music with a different instrumentation,” says Angel, “taking inspiration from everything from delta blues, latin and gypsy music without losing the spirit and attitude of punk.” His lyrics – part Lemmy, part Bob Dylan – made other (more acclaimed) songwriters sound totally. Fucking. Boring.


MATE POWER ist eine Band aus Frankfurt am Main,
die Herkunftsländer der Mitglieder sind Argentinien, Deutschland und Frankreich.
Ihr Musikstil ist eine Mischung aus Cumbia, Ska und Reggae,
die oft als Mestizo (Manu Chao / Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) bezeichnet wird.
In den 13 Jahren ihrer Karriere kümmerte sie sich darum, aus dem Herzen Frankfurts den deutschen Rock zu destabilisieren .Nur wenige Bands haben erreicht, dass so inkorrekte Songs zu Hits werden und dass in ihrer kurzen Geschichte Tausende Zuschauer in Europa und Asien die sehr bittere und sehr aktuelle Wahrheit zu fröhlicher und eingängiger Musik singen. Mit Entschlossenheit, Talent und Intelligenz ist die Band gewachsen, aus den Kellern, wo 2006 alles begann hin zu den Orten, die Tausende von Personen beherbergen.
Die Suche und der Tanz geht weiter !

Diego Iriarte: Bass/Voc
Gilbert Foede: Schlagzeug/Voc
Erick Hernandez:Gitarre/Voc
Jens Hilzenshauer: Trompete
Christian Reinstädtler: Posaune



GASTONE ist eine hauptsächlich im Rhein-Main-Gebiet und inzwischen auch deutschlandweit bekannte Band aus Frankfurt am Main. Hauptkopf und Gründer der Band ist Giuseppe Porrello, halber Sarde, halber Sizilianer, aber geboren und aufgewachsen in Frankfurt. Er gibt mit seiner rauen Stimme, die an klassische italienische Sänger erinnert, und mit seinen gut bedachten poetischen, teils zum Schmunzeln, teils zum Nachdenken anregenden Texten GASTONE den unverkennbaren Charme einer Band, die offen und bewusst durch die Welt geht und es trotz Kritik an Politik und Systemen schafft, die Freude am Leben auf’s Publikum zu übertragen.

Die Band besteht seit über 10 Jahren und bietet einen anregenden Mix aus Ska/Polka/Balkan und deutsch/englisch/italienischen Pop/Rock. Je nach Gig-Größe treten sie zu dritt oder auch zu acht auf – der Tanzgenuss ist immer garantiert!

Neben Schlagzeug und Gitarre gehören Trompete, Posaune, Saxophon und andere Blasinstrumente zu GASTONE’s Vielseitigkeit. Bass oder Kontrabass umrunden ihren Sound, die Klänge der E-Gitarre bilden immer wieder einen hörenswerten Höhepunkt. Balalaika und Akkordeon überraschen das Publikum und reißen es auch nach dem 10. Besuch eines GASTONE-Konzertes mit.

Manchmal bringt GASTONE auch noch Gäste mit auf die Bühne, wie dem Rapper Cerno oder dem Jazz-Sänger Foots, dem Gitarrist George oder dem Instrument-Multitalent Uwe.


JPson left South Africa right after school to go discover his European roots inheritated from his Swiss father. What seemed like a 10- month joy trip a way from home turned into a 10-year journey around Europe, which JP refers to as his University of life. Through his travels he realised on a regular basis how he would constantly find peace within lyrics and melodies. Even though the life of a wary traveler can sometimes be extremely tiring, he would often gather warmth and support from the music he listened to and find guidance in the music he created.

Since 2017 JPson has released 3 EPs (Coming Home, Children of the Light and A Whole New Road), performed over 150 shows in Europe supporting acts such as Bukahara, Sean Koch, Will and the People, Jon and Roy and Current Swell, including his own sold out headline shows, toped the Submit Hub TOP 50 FOLK CHARTS, reached #36 with his single “A Whole New Road” on the German College airplay charts including features by major German radio stations such as SWR3, and accumulated over 1.5 million streams on Spotify without a debut album or any label support. JPson is now ready to share his 4th independent EP release “Wolves at War” with the world which will be out in September 2021.


When a band of Sicilian rockers, adepts of Mediterranean and Balkan music, decided to recreate it to their own recipe, the result was quite simply stunning.
With a Gypsy-Punk energy that would get village grandmothers off the bench and dancing, the six rascals of Giufà take us tumbling under the hot sun of the Balkans, the Maghreb or Syracuse with melodies inspired by both the Sicilian Tarantella and by Spanish or Afro-Cuban rumba.
A wildly playful music with lyrics full of imagery that deal with politics and more personal themes, but always with the same bandit humor.
On January, 17th the new album ” It’s Everything Alright” is produced released by Escudero Records / Disques Office.


Man nehme einen Basssaxofonisten, einen Trompeter, einen Tenorsaxofonisten, Baritonsaxophonisten und zwei Schlagzeuger. Dazu eine Portion House, Techno und treibende Rhythmen. Herauskommt ein mitreißendes Bandrezept namens NAFT.

Im Sommer 2018 debütierten sie in den Straßen von Gent und sorgten dort für ordentlich Furore. 2019 folgte eine große Tour durch Belgien & die Niederlande. Im gleichen Jahr entstand eine bahnbrechende Zusammenarbeit zusammen mit Twerkshop. Korrekt, wie es der Name schon sagt: „Es wird getwerkt Baby!“ Kein Hintern bleibt hier unbewegt und auch müde Beine fangen an zu tanzen. NAFT ft. Twerkshop haben die Energie einer stampfenden Herde, die bereit ist die Musikwelt ordentlich aufzumischen.