Folk/Punk I Kroatien

Ogenj can be described as Croatian Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. This punk folk band from Koprivnica is already widely known for its energetic and fierce live performances all over the Europe. They successfully managed to transfer most of their energy into the studio – making their debut album Domaj – a music bomb and winning awards and recognition from Croatian Phonographic Association in 2019 (PORIN). Unlike their suchlike’s in artistic expression, they don’t play Celtic
punk, but punk with influences of Croatian ethno music.
Traditional and punk-rock elements are fused together, twice as strong in their new folk-punk anthem Kaj nebi bilo and new album Si kak jen. Ogenj are now fiercer than ever, their sound itself has changed through adding new instruments and expanding musical horizons with a more mature and studious approach, and a higher level of production.
2024 will be in the sign of new album called „RepubliKaj“, – traditional roots with good „old“ known punk rock energy of the band. Till today, three new singles announced the spirit of new album coming. Crazy fast Da sam znal, very Fil“artistic“ Kyrie, and freshy Republikaj.