Indie, Alternative, Pop | Denmark

It takes time to evolve and refine a musical expression which is exactly what singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Esben Svane has allowed himself to do in the making of his new album under the moniker The Radar Post.
The self-titled debut album from 2015 had a singer-songwriter touch to it, and on the forthcoming ‘A Good Adjustment To Reality’ we find more of a ”Deerhunter-meets-Radiohead” vibe. A clear signal in the progression of Svane’s musical expression and vision.

According to the artist himself, this album represents and encapsulates the essence of The Radar Post. The title comes from the book When Do Good Things Start? by the American psychiatrist Abraham J. Twerski, from a chapter concering the illusions one can build around oneself. To Esben this was an eye opener and he adjusted these perspectives in his own life, where existential reflexions and feelings of inferiority had been ruling factors. ‘A Good Adjustment to Reality’ is an album dealing with an ”illusion VS. reality”-theme, where the songs transit between inadequacy, decline, despair and dependence held up against situations where a lot of things are expected of you (love, relationships, mariage).

Inspired by Sufjan Stevens’ multi-instrumentalism on the album ’Come On Feel the Illinoise’ Esben has equally sought to write, arrange, perform and produce everything by himself:
»Ever since I began writing songs, the ambition has been to produce and mix on my own. I would like to keep on learning new stuff and on the debut album I used the process to better at playing lead guitar and keyboards. On the new album I basically play all the instruments myself, with the exception of a few parts, where ”the delay wizard” Rune Risager (Den Fjerde Væg) plays synths and my friend Mads performs on the clarinet.« Svane says.
The album was recorded in Esben’s studio on Amager and in his parent’s summerhouse by the picturesque Vejle Fjord. An intense process, where he worked 9-15 daily hours on »a diet of rhyebread and mackerel for three months.«
The hard work now comes to fruition and ’A Good Adjustment To Reality’ is a consistent album graced in atmosphere that evoke thoughtfullness and melodically captivating moments. Moments that clearly showcase the obvious qualities of The Radar Post.