Copyright: Knars

KNARS makes an intoxicating mix of breakbeat, postpunk and drumandbass. They are known for their raw style and big energy. Their overwhelming, raw electronic craziness means an all-demolishing moshpit. ‘Come to the madhouse before the madhouse gets you’

KNARS has been destroying festivals and venues in their homecountry (NL), gaining praising reviews. They gained international traction aswell, touring in Hungary, Belgium, Czech and France and getting picked up by American, Russian and English music blogs. In 2019 they made their single “Push it To the Limit” into the Borderlands 3 gametrailer soundtrack. Comparisons are quickly drawn between to The Prodigy, Pendulum and Die Antwoord, but above all KNARS has its own annihilating sound.

While COVID hit, KNARS hasn’t been sleeping. Loads of new songs with more message and mayhem than before, are waiting in their vault. Music has to be about something, not just entertainment. The new KNARS is signified by more upfront, angry Grime raps, heavyer BASS sounddesign and shaking 808’s.